Material Collection  

Orange Fiber

Orange Fiber has developed a process to create a fabric using the leftover orange pulp that otherwise would have to be disposed of by the citrus industry.

This patented innovative fabric from citrus waste can be blended with silk and other fibres to achieve a range of textures. The fabric can be coloured and printed as traditional fabrics (inkjet printing and natural colours included).

Compared to existing man-made fibres from cellulose, for example, from wood or from hemp and bamboo, Orange Fiber does not deplete natural resources but reuses waste thus saving land, water, fertilizers and avoiding environmental pollution.

The very first fashion collection made with the exclusive Orange Fiber fabric was launched in 2017 by Salvatore Ferragamo in a collaboration that represents the shared ethical values underlying the project, shaping the fabric and showcasing its potential for elegant and sustainable applications.

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