MOGU is an innovation-driven company, dedicated to developing and scaling-up a range of mycelium-based technologies for the production of naturally-grown biomaterials and products. MOGU believes that naturally-grown materials can provide a sustainable, high-performance alternative to traditional synthetics derived from the exploitation of fossil fuels and finite resources.

MOGU develops a palette of materials that includes both heat pressed, and unpressed mycelium composites. The feedstock for the mycelium includes materials such as cotton, hemp, hemp shives, mischantus, among others. The properties of these materials vary depending on multiple factors, such as the feedstock typology, preparation, growth conditions, treatments and the choice of a specific mycelium strain.

Within the ‘MOGU Home’ line–innovative products and solutions for the fields of bio-architecture and design–are Mogu Acoustics and Mogu Floor panels, on exhibit here.

MOGU Acoustics panels are made of soft and foam-like mycelium composites. They are created by exclusively using mycelium as a binding agent and can be formed into custom shapes or provided as flat boards. The tiles are modular elements which can be arranged to compose a velvety wall cover. Their high porosity and low density yields optimal acoustic performance,

MOGU-Floor products, on the other hand, consist of a core of mycelium composite, coated with bio-based finishes which ensure technical performance and long-lasting durability. They are suitable as resilient flooring solutions.

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