Made of Air

Made of Air is a new, biochar-based carbon-negative material. It consists of 90% captured atmospheric carbon dioxide, along with a bio-binder. A robust, flame-retardant and recyclable material, Made of Air presents itself as a  sustainable material for facades, walls and furniture design. 

The starting point for Made of Air is waste biomass–organic material which is derived from plants and animals. Biomass absorbs CO² from the atmosphere throughout its lifetime, as well as sunlight — storing energy from the sun. This waste biomass is baked to a stable form of carbon within an oxygen-free oven environment. The resulting carbon is then mixed with a biodegradable binder to yield a moldable, thermoplastic material.

Invented by Berlin-based studio Elegant Embellishments, Made of Air is available in sheets and custom-cast shapes. Made of Air is compostable and non-polluting in nature. After being shaped into products and used, at the end of its lifecycle, the non-toxic material can simply be shredded and sequestered in the earth. This cycle can be repeated continually, allowing for more atmospheric carbon to be directed to the earth.

To learn about the material, please contact the Building Centre's Content Editor, Anna Marks,