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Iwan Pol

In an attempt to design a softer concrete aesthetic, Dutch designer Iwan Pol has carried out experiments on pigments, texture and casting to achieve a new concrete material that feels fresh and innovative.

Cold, grey, raw and rigid — concrete may be one of the most widely used man-made materials but its implementation often falls short of being inspirational. As concrete can take any shape or form, Pol creates colourful designs, giving the material a new makeover.

Pol has recently turned his experimentation into a business called Olasol, where he now commercialises his Happy Concrete products. Iwan aims for his concrete innovation to be applied within the field of architecture as a tactile skin for the exterior of buildings or as an addition to floors and interior walls for kitchens, bathroom, floors and walls. Most of his products are handmade so they can adjust easily to the needs of clients. Finally, Olasol products have been officially tested and comply with all relevant and necessary standards.

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