Industrial Design, Charlotte Kidger

Industrial Craft is a material-based project by designer Charlotte Kidger, which focuses on utilizing plastic waste streams associated with CNC fabrication. A by-product of the milling process, an abundant amount of polyurethane foam dust is left behind. Since this material is still regarded as a niche plastic, it’s only means of disposal is through incineration or landfill. This offered Kidger a clear design opportunity; and a chance to repurpose an undervalued and problematic material.

Industrial Craft has yielded a durable and versatile composite material, which has the capability to be cast into diverse 3D forms of any scale. The composite material consists of 70% waste polyurethane foam dust and 30% resin to act as a binder. By pushing the boundaries of this composition, the resulting material can be treated much the same way as wood: cut, sanded and engraved. 

The material can be shaped into pots, vessels, large sculptural tables, and most recently modular tiles which can be used for architectural and interior applications. The beauty of the material’s making process is such that each outcome is unique, unexpected and bespoke, even when using the same mould to cast multiple forms.

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