Grown Objects

Industrial designer Silvio Tinello investigates biofabrication processes, believing that ‘Biology is the new technology’. His research and experimentation have led him to create two collections of design objects that are entirely bio fabricated–grown and harvested using biological processes.

His collection ‘Grown Objects’ (2013 -2017) consisted of functional objects such as lamps, bowls, a penny bank, and an experimental shoe. These were composed of two predominant materials–a mycelium bio-agglomerate on the one hand, whose substrate was discarded Yerba Mate sticks which are signature to Argentine culture, and a leathery bacterial-cellulose on the other. Some objects were crafted with a single material, while others were complex and thoughtful combinations of both.

Tinello takes this concept further, in his newly launched second collection–‘ECO Warrior’–faceted accessories such as bow ties, hats, handbags, backpacks and jewelry–all made with bacterial cellulose cultivated in Yerba Mate, an Argentine national drink. Through the material and objects in this collection he questions, 'What will be today's ‘armors’ or clothes that will be displayed in the museums of tomorrow?.”

Tinello points to the fact that today we no longer need to wear forged metal armors to protect us from enemies, but we do need to rethink the clothes we wear, in order to protect us from ourselves. He references the damage that the fashion industry and our consumption habits currently inflict, and responds to it with his bio-fabricated objects.

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