Glaskeramik from MAGNA is a building and interior design material manufactured from 100% upcycled glass, sourced from industrial plants and glass bottle fabricators. The eco-friendly material is almost 100% recyclable, and has a wide range of applications, combining a unique aesthetic with high functionality.

The production of Glaskeramik relies on crushing and classification processes. First, scrap flat glass (waste glass) is sorted and crushed into glass granules; then, the glass granulates are mixed with additives, shaped into panels and sintered in a patented sintering process, until they become sheets with a unique translucent optic. The sintered panels are then cooled under controlled conditions, inside cooling hoods. Finally, the raw panels are calibrated, finished in one of two ways–polished or patinated–and then cut to required sizes.

Panels of Glaskeramik are offered as full slabs, with a maximum size of 2800mm x 1250 mm and a standard thickness of 20 mm, or they can be supplied as custom cut-to-size pieces for projects, such as interior design or facades.

The colours of Glaskeramik–8 colours are offered–result from the chosen source of glass, and its inherent opacity or translucency. The manufacturers are however, to an extent, generate different outcomes with the same raw material, with programmed adaption and via lighting. Some of these colors and their corresponding sources of glass are–Green, which is sourced by recycling green (usually beer) bottles. Another hue is Champagne Brown, made with waste from the production of beer and brown German Champagne bottles.

Glaskeramik can be used in a very wide variety of contexts. Popular applications include countertops, vanities, shower walls, room partitions, kitchen worktops and backsplashes, tables, flooring, fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, light walls and feature entrances, and artwork. The martial can also be used in external facades, in both closed and open clad structures such as rain-screen cladding.

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