Air Ink

Graviky Labs is among the first, globally, to treat particulate carbon as a recyclable waste and has used bespoke processes to make high-grade AIR-INK from it. Their work enables harmful air pollution to be recycled into new materials.

The team at Graviky Labs use their proprietary contraption (Kaalink™), retrofitted to the exhaust pipe of vehicles, to capture outgoing pollutants. The soot that is collected by this contraption is treated to remove heavy metals and carcinogens, leaving behind a purified form of carbon. This carbon is used to make a variety of inks and pigments, called AIR INK.

Founded in 2013 by MIT Media Lab alum Anirudh Sharma, with Nikhil Kaushik and Nitesh Kadyan, Graviky Labs has cleaned 1.6 trillion liters of air so far, through Kaalink™ and its attractive output AIR INK.

AIR INK has ben placed in the hands of artists around the world, to create dramatic, public artworks that create awareness about environmental pollution, and also made available in the form of easy-to-use pens and markers. Most ubiquitous is the 30 ml pen, that is part of the AIR INK inventory of products such as oil-based paints, sprayed paints and more. In this new currency of material, set forth by Graviky Labs, one such pen equals 40 to 50 minutes of captured emissions.

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