The Building Centre and MaterialDriven present a material library showcasing newly designed materials that utilize sustainable design practices for architectural applications. The material collection is a publicly accessible exhibit of innovative material samples and larger design objects. The collection consists of recycled and sustainable materials with a range of applications from flooring to surface design.

To enquire about exhibiting a material, please contact The Building Centre's commercial director, John Bonning,

To learn more about the material collection, please contact The Building Centre's content specialist, Anna Marks, 

Recycled materials   slider

Perth-based company Nanollose, has created an circular knitted jumper made from coconut waste.

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A zero waste lab has launched in Greece, equipped with a robotic arm and recycling facilities.

Biomaterial   slider

Fungi can be transformed into a robust building material.

Recycled material   slider

Old paper can be compressed into a strong and durable building material.

Biomaterial   slider

MUTUA benefits air quality in the home.

Bioinspired design   slider

What can architects learn from how animals construct their living spaces?

Air pollution control   slider

Pluvo is envisaged to clean the atmosphere by 60% and predicted to filter two cubic metres of air per second.

Metals   slider

Placing beeswax and metals into ceramics creates an antibacterial material.

Air pollution control   slider

Porous 3D printable material removes pollutants from water and air.

Material alternatives   slider

Five alternatives to concrete: Mogu, Finite, Corcrete, CarbonCure and Made of Air.

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A jet-black paint that becomes conductive when it dries.

Biomaterial   slider

Bolt Threads has spent over seven years studying the proteins found in spider silk.

Wood   slider

Twists of chocolate-coloured bamboo weave their way through a renovated café in Vietnam.

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Cellulose-based biomaterial stronger than steel and spider silk.

Natural materials   slider

Adding sodium hydroxide to soil creates a durable, environmentally sustainable building material.

Paint   slider

Asif Khan's super-black pavilion opens at the Winter Olympics.

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Self-healing material can build itself from carbon in the air.

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The materials that we choose to align our indoor environments with are beneficial in more ways than one.