Istanbul's new TV and Radio Tower


Designed by Melike Altinisik Architects, Istanbul's new telecommunications tower will be the tallest building in the city when completed in late 2019.

A 145-meter steel mast was added to the tower's 203-meter concrete core, making the tower a total height of 369-meters  (589 meters above sea level).

© Ege Acar

Wind testing was employed to confirm the monumental structure’s overall stability and help develop this unique façade design which not only provides structural optimisation, but allows for inhabitable space to radiate around the tower’s central concrete core.

© Harriet Jennings

The tower seeks a sense of motion and rhythm, its silhouette changing when viewed from different directions around Istanbul.

 © Ege Acar

Advanced engineering techniques were required both in terms of architectural design and construction methodology. All the design features, architectural planning and material selections were made considering these processes.

© Alprech 

The monumental tower’s engineered facade is scheduled to be completed in early 2019. The new landmark structure is expected to be completed with the official opening slated for late 2019.

Project details:

Architect: Melike Altinisik Architects 

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Project Director: Melike Altınışık

Project Design Team: Melike Altınışık in collaboration with Daniel Widrig

Project Architects :  Özge Çağlayan, Tuğba Okçuoğlu, Ayça Yontarım

Project Team:  Melih Altınışık, Tan Akıncı, Begüm Aktaş,  İrem Coşkun, Gül Ertekin, Büşra Güler, Çiğdem Nur Kebapçı, Selçuk Kişmir, Thomas Kleinow, Samed Tezgah, Ahmet Ünveren

Architectural Assistants: Ali Arslan, Yunus Emre Demirkıran, Zoe Georgio, Mazyvdas Samuolis, Beste Sensöz,

Competition Team: Melike Altınışık in collaboration with Daniel Widrig and Florian Dubiel (visualisation)

Engineers & Consultants (ShortList)

Structural Engineer: Balkar

Structural Peer Review: Thorton Tomasetti

Telecomunication Engineer: ABE Teknoloji

Electrical Engineer: HB Teknik

Mechanical Engineer: Çilingiroğlu

Wind Engineer: RWDI

Facade Engineer: Newtecnic

Landscape Architect: DS Landscape

Fire Strategy Consultant: Etik

Vertical Circulation Consultant: 3TEK

Acoustic Consultant: Pro-Plan

Lighting Design Consultant: Realities United, Darklighting

Way Finding  Design Consultant: POMPAA

Quantity Survey and Fee Estimation: Entegre Project Management

Visualisation: MIR

Photography: Ege Acar

Client: UDHB – Ministry of  Transportation and Communication

Area: 29000m2

Year: 2011 - tbc