Timber inspiration

There probably isn't a more flexible, adaptable or versatile material than timber. It can be used internally, externally, in furniture or fittings, structurally or cosmetically - the possibilities are practically endless. Below is an eclectic mixture of some of our favourite uses of timber for your inspiration, which demonstrate just that!

Desk accessories inspired by Russian avante-garde architecture

Created by Russian designers, Sasha Braulov and Nasya Kopteva, the set includes 10 accessories, each corresponding to a piece of Russian avant-garde architecture and made of solid oak. View the video of the project here.


Shadow Shed by Neil Dusheiko Architects

Shou Sugi Ban, the ancient Japanese art of burning timber to provide a beautiful and long lasting product, was used for the facade of this shed.


Wooden bath tubs

Forget traditional ceramic and enamelled steel baths - why not bath in timber?


Explosion by Sebastian Errazuriz

Inactivated, Explosion sits as a tidy, beautiful credenza. Transparent glass sidewalls provide a glimpse inside this intriguing but staid box. Further exploration of the central vertical seam reveals an entirely different object: With a gentle push, the rails slide further and further open until it seems that the cabinet has exploded beyond the bounds of stability.


Freeform 2015 by John Precario

These sculptural luminairs are made up of bent wood, and done so in such a way that no two are the same. The designer does not use forms to bend and control the shape. Instead, he likes to allow the wood to do as it pleases, making the process something like a collaboration between the craftsman and the wood's personality. The outcome is something beautiful and organic.