Architecture with drawings and doodles

Whether it’s out in the streets, featured in the latest exhibition or hitting the headlines in the news, graffiti seems to be everywhere. Recently graffiti reached new heights when a six storey billboard in New York was covered in red paint, thanks to a DJI Phantom Drone. The sabotage took graffiti artist Katsu less than one minute as he was able to save on the climbing time. Another recent headline featured film and TV director, David Lynch condemning such acts, saying it’s a horrible thing that is ruining the world. But let’s not forget that graffiti is something that is also praised. Take for example David Cameron’s gift to Obama when he visited the White House, art created by graffiti artist Ben Eine or the hundreds of thousands of pounds that people pay for a Banksy original.

Does graffiti or street art have a positive place in our society? Or will it forever have a bad reputation that is spoiling our built environment? Take a look at our selection of buildings that have opened its doors to the idea of graffiti on our streets, and in some cases a spray can isn’t even needed.