Wikihouse 4.0

Open source design for housing

WikiHouse 4.0 is a not-for-profit prototype project bringing open-source design to the built environment. The Building Centre, along with our partners Architecture Zero Zero and ARUP engineers, are constructing the world’s first low-energy, two storey house that anyone can download, adapt, ‘print’ and assemble for themselves in a few days, with no construction skills and for under £50k. The installation will be built outside The Building Centre in Central London for the London Design Festival 2014.

Bring your mobile phone or tablet to the WikiHouse 4.0 and connect to the WikiHouse WiFi to control the lighting, sensors and ventilation in the house using a browser-based, control system developed specially for the project. The WikiHouse 4.0 electronics system is not only open source but is physically a DC circuit, demonstrating exciting new thinking in home electronics.

The installation, exhibition and associated events programme will explore a variety of open challenges both directly and indirectly associated with the WikiHouse. How might open source architecture affect the UK housing crisis by scaling the self build market? What is smarter than a smart home? How are digital manufacturing techniques changing the home from a place of consumption to a place of production?

All WikiHouse 4.0 design and code is freely shared at on the WikiHouse Foundation website and GitHub page. The WikiHouse movement is maintained and developed by a growing community of chapters and collaborators worldwide. Alastair Parvin, cofounder of the WikiHouse Foundation, talks about the potential of WikiHouse in his TED talk ‘Architecture for the people, by the people’ here.

The installation and exhibition are completely free for people to explore. A guide will be on hand daily to explain the project. Please see our Event Page for more information about associated events.

The project is part of the London Design Festival and Design Junction's West End Design Quarter

For press enquiries, image requests or offers to take part in the project please contact Jenny Watt