Welcome to the underworld


Welcome to the underworld is open at The Building Centre until 22 June.

Mon  Fri: 9.00am 6.00pm
Sat: 10.00am   5.00pm

What lies beneath the earth’s surface ignites our deepest fears and fantasies. But the underworld is also a place of largely untapped functionality. Underground space offers rich and complex opportunities and from pre-history to the present-day humanity has been inspired to use it for shelter, security, infrastructure, culture and leisure.

Projects in the exhibition will take you on a journey through time, from the deep past to the near future, illuminating hidden feats of construction below ground. They reveal that subterranean conditions allow the creation of unique, controlled environments which serve exceptional purposes while preserving surface land, offering a vital resource in meeting the challenges of urban density.

The diverse buildings featured highlight how challenges posed in the design and construction process require inspiration and collaboration in a way that stimulates innovation and continually generates new solutions.

The exhibition explores the ideas and skills that go into great underground structures and looks to a future where smart subterranean construction can contribute ever greater benefits. Welcome to the underworld...



This exhibition is curated by The Built Environment Trust and is supported by RIW

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