Waterfront London


The Blue Ribbon Network is a major feature of the London Plan; it includes the Thames, the canal network, the other tributaries, rivers and streams within London and London's open water spaces such as docks, reservoirs and lakes, as well as culverted parts of rivers, canals or streams.

Policies aim to protect and enhance the Blue Ribbon Network as an important part of London's public realm but are they being given the attention they deserve? The London's Waterways exhibition at the NLA gallery will look at what is happening to the rivers and canals of the capital and identify the key developments recently completed, underway or in the pipeline. It will look at issues such as how can planners and developers enjoy the benefits of the waterways while respecting their special location? How do we protect the nature of waterways while providing access? How do we protect and adapt the waterways for the 21st Century and ensure it continues to play a part in the growth, life and prosperity of the city?