Streets Ahead: The future of London's roads


This exhibition explores how London’s roads and streets have evolved over history and how they will need to adapt in the future to create better places, meet the needs of a growing population and respond to changing technologies.

London's streets and road have been subject to an eternal process of change, prompted by new technologies, new locations of growth or by changes in people's behaviour. 100 years ago they saw the onslaught of motor vehicles, today they face a fast growing population that demand the best living conditions without compromising on journey times. This NLA-curated exhibition, supported by Transport for London, explores how these 'arteries of the city' are poised to absorb future challenges, and discusses some of the innovative options we may adopt.  

Showcasing a range of proposals, both short- and long-term, the exhibition includes some radical ideas that could be implemented in London, including dramatic changes to city infrastructure and lifestyle with tunnels dissecting through London; driverless cars winding through the streets of the capital; drones replacing delivery services; and highways converted into parks and public spaces. 

Streets Ahead: The future of London’s roads will run alongside an extensive set of talks, site visits and seminars, and is accompanied by a free publication. For more information please click here.