Rethinking the Urban Landscape: Start Here

Landscape comes before development. Without it, there is no building. Without it there are no cities. It shapes how we live and it can shape how we die.

For all that, our urban landscape has been arrived at with little coordinated forethought. With the exception of new towns and garden cities, the built environment is generally accretions of piecemeal additions where the landscape element has been a small consideration if at all. Planning has often left landscape to be a byproduct of development.

Until recently, the Olympic Park changed public understanding of landscapes. And the Farrell Review said: “Landscape should be seen as the primary infrastructure... Government and built environment professionals need to reprioritise the importance of its role and perception in place making.” Below is a link to the Landscape Institute’s publication on green infrastructure. All links in this exhibition take you to extensive further information on themes and projects. Please explore!


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