Rethinking the Urban Landscape: Potential

Regeneration calls for us to see the world differently. What might be a ‘sink estate’, a derelict site or a toxic dump can be re-made. We can’t just move on and let parts of our cities rot – not only is that wasteful but the problem spreads. Conversely, a regenerated area spreads its benefits to neighbours.

That’s how great developments and desirable zones in our cities come about, time and again. As we look to make our cities more liveable, valuable and sustainable, landscape architecture is playing a stronger part in the remaking of spaces. We need to see the potential of the land, and understand the potential for it to change from problematic to pleasing, in order for planners and developers to get to work.

This can lead to small incremental improvements or multi-billion pound makeovers. But what comes first is seeing the potential of a landscape.


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