Rethinking the Urban Landscape: Orchestrate

Musicians can individually create amazing sounds. Working together, in a trio or quartet or a small band, they can sound fantastic. But when the numbers increase it all gets more complicated… and somebody needs to get a baton out and conduct before the playing becomes discordant. Environments get shaped in a similar way. With complex urban environments, somebody needs to ensure everything works together, from the ground up. In big projects who is in charge? Obviously planners, developers, architects, engineers and contractors may all take the lead at times. But there is a growing case for putting landscape first and placing landscape architects in an early stage leading and coordinating role. With large sites such as the Kings Cross redevelopment or the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, an integrated vision for landscape has been key to success. As this thinking embeds into the processes that shape our cities, we may expect a new sense of landscape and of the landscape professions to emerge.


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