Rethinking the Urban Landscape: £$€

“ The economically most significant project in Europe.” - Rita Barbera, Mayor of Valencia on her city’s Parque Central project. The Mayor of Valencia makes quite a claim here, doesn’t she? We will allow her poetic license because the city’s new central park is a spectacular intervention that is transforming the heart of Valencia. It will greatly uplift the quality of life and the value of nearby property. What were once railway tracks and wasteland can now be a remarkable resource, enhancing the lives of millions for decades, even centuries, to come. How many developments can claim that return?

A challenge with landscape is to put a hard value on it so that investors can see the return and to put a time-scale that copes with short-termism. It takes joined-up thinking between Government, planners, communities, and the private investor, as the examples here show.

The Landscape Institute report Profitable Places helps demonstrates how an investment in good landscape lies at the heart of maximising value in housing.


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