Re/making The Street


In London, across the UK and internationally, we are reassessing what it takes to create a successful public realm. We are remaking and restoring streets.

Re/making The Street explores city street-making and asks how we make a residential street a good place. It is a complex subject in which the challenges keep shifting. Issues include rapid population growth, the declining fabric of much large-scale post-war housing, the difficulties of providing low-cost housing in high-cost areas, infrastructure shortfalls, along with a rising concern about environmental factors.

The exhibition features as its centrepiece an installation that deconstructs the design and planning behind one street. Visitors get to walk through a scale model of Bonchurch Road, a new London street which encapsulates the complexity of our built environment. This installation is used as a platform to explore the design elements that make help make streets healthy spaces with flourishing, cohesive communities - yet dense enough to meet our housing needs.

In the supporting material, the themes and issues examined are put into a wider historical, social and design context, showing how our ideas of the street and how it works have dramatically changed over time.

A series of free events accompany this exhibition. 

Transforming post-war estates

From poor doors to identical floors - designing for social inclusion

I want that one! Does community consultation produce good design?

High-density housing without the vertigo

A journey and a destination: how to make living streets.

Curated by The Built Environment Trust

Part of the 2016 London Festival of Architecture.