The Built Environment Trust's RCA Student Prize for Innovation 2018


The Built Environment Trust's RCA Student Prize for Innovation exhibition is showcased from 3 August  2018 at The Building Centre. 

Mon  Fri: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat: 10.00am   5.00pm

The Built Environment Trust is delighted to annouce that Hannah Rozenberg has been awarded the Trust's 2018 RCA Student Prize for Innovation. Hannah's project will be exhibited alongside the three winners of New London Architecture's NLA/RCA Prize for Architecture; Jacob Riman, Joseph Mercer and Joana dos Reis Boavida Ribeiro.

About the project

Building Without Bias:  An architectural language for the Post-Binary

Man is to Computer Programmer what Woman is to Homemaker. The most appropriate pronoun for the word Vulnerable is She whilst Intelligent is better suited to He. All domestic or administrative AI should be female.

These gendered prescriptions are the result of a machine logic—a logic that indiscriminately infers truths from data; a logic that thus uncovers and embeds problematic prejudices at the heart of contemporary society.

As automated technology finds its way into our bodies, buildings, and cities, it is essential that it be designed in a way that is free from insidious biases. However, in the case of gender, this is rarely the case. Instead, the artificially intelligent tools that we use on a daily basis amplify and sediment existing gender inequalities.

Building Without Bias seeks to discover whether architecture can be used as a tool to reveal, rethink, and revise the biases that are embedded within technology and society.