Beyond the Green Belt


British planning at its best… or a grotesque imposition by the rich upon the poor, promoting controls that choke our cities and damages our countryside? How should we view the Green Belt? A major new show at The Building Centre reviews the past and present of Green Belt – and looks into the future.

This exhibition and related talk programme, curated by the Built Environment Trust with the Landscape Institute, captures the many voices and opinions that are shaping the debate around Green Belt, which takes place against the background of a major Government consultation that could affect the future of this crucial planning control.

While the Green Belt is criticised for a lack of biodiversity credentials and for impeding housing delivery, inflating land prices and frustrating transport infrastructure, it is also seen as a vital bulwark against unfettered sprawl and rampant private interests. Multiple reports in 2015/6 proposed vastly opposing approaches, from tightening rules over development in Green Belt to scrapping the planning designation altogether.

The curators of the exhibition set out to explain the background to Green Belt and then move on to look at some of the more innovative approaches to working with Green Belt environments, including learning from international approaches to similar planning challenges.

This exhibition will encourage viewers to engage with the subject and share their views on what should happen next with Green Belt. Get involved on social media by using #BeyondGreenBelt and voice your opinion.

An exhibition curated by The Built Environment Trust and the Landscape Institute.


With thanks to our partners Pegasus Group and ACO Technologies.


Part of 'Beyond the Green Belt'