A Playful Landscape

Kingston School of Art BA Architecture First Year students, operating in 5 distinct studio groups, have been working on the production of provocative playful landscape interventions, that suggest alterative futures for the Store Street South Crescent space.

For 2017, this annual live build project has been conceived of in collaboration with The Building Centre. The initiative seeks to partner students with real situations, problems and questions, and demands they depart from the hypothetical into the design and production of full scale 1:1 solutions that are at once spatial, playful, questioning and engaging.

In response to the brief and an observed absence of space for play and repose in the immediate territory, students and their tutors, supported by the 3D Workshops at Knight’s Park and industry sponsors James Jones & Lathams, and building professionals Price & Myers, have explored aspects of performance and play and worked collectively to propose a range of architectural solutions exploring and enjoying form and structure, all tempered by practicalities of budget and available materials and constructed 1:1.

The work suggests that the introduction of moments of delight might lift the individuals’ experience of the city and serve to make a dense urban area ‘livable’. Through their presence in the site, these pieces question who might be invited to engage and for whom is our public realm anyway?


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Sponsors: James Jones, Lathams, Price & Myers