Wood First Plus

Lifecycle database for timber products


Wood for Good

The timber supply chain has impressive sustainability credentials but how do these benefits translate across the entire lifecycle of wood and timber products? What are the options at end of life, and how do we measure embodied carbon within timber products?

On 7 April, Wood for Good will officially launch Wood First Plus, a database of comprehensive lifecycle assessment information for all main timber products.

This will include details of embodied and sequestered carbon as well as water footprint and other lifecycle impacts, on cradle to gate and cradle to grave analysis. The launch will be the first event of Embodied Carbon Week, an initiative of the UK Green Building Council.

Speakers will outline the methodology involved in the LCA study, how all of these different elements are considered and how this translates to the lifecycle impacts of materials, manufactured products and whole buildings.

Speakers include:

David Hopkins, Wood for Good
Jane Anderson, PE International
Alex Hardwick, PE International
Stephen Craig, James Jones & Sons Ltd
Dr Gillian Menzies, Heriot-Watt University

All attendees are then invited to join the speakers for networking drinks from 5pm.

NB: The event is FREE but registration is essential