Planning and policy – integrating health and wellbeing into developments


This event brings together policy makers, consultants and project directors to discuss how health and wellbeing considerations can be integrated effectively into the planning of new developments.

From policy to implementation, the need for best practice examples and better collaboration between local authorities, technical experts and developers will be considered. Wellbeing is an increasingly important part of the agenda but currently there is no clear guidance on how it should be ensured at an early stage. Speakers will propose how sectors can work better together to deliver this agenda in London, the UK and further afield.

This event is a must for planners, developers, clients and others concerned about: 

  • How the growing wellbeing agenda could impact policy and planning

  • What 'best practice' planning for new developments might look like in the future

  • How different stakeholders can work together to achieve the wellbeing agenda


Speakers include:

Amy Gilham, director of economics and Amber Morley, consultant, Turley

Gavin McLaughlin, spatial planning officer working on the Healthy Streets Approach and new London Plan, Transport for London (TfL)

James Pargeter, projects director of the London development and construction team, Greystar 

Chair: Lewis Blackwell, director of strategy and development, The Built Environment Trust

Speaker presentations will begin at 9.00am and will be followed by a panel discussion and audience Q+A.

Registration with refreshments will start at 8.45am.


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Speaker biographies

Amy Gilham leads Turley Economics’ work in London. She specialises in land and property economics and case making with a particular focus on economic impact, social and community infrastructure, including education and health impact assessments. She has 12 years’ experience in the London market, having worked for both private and public sector clients across a range of fields. Amy previously worked at Regeneris Consulting where she provided socio-economic advice for the planning sector, as well as economic strategies and evaluation of government funding.

Amber Morley is a consultant in the Turley Economics in London. She provides a range of economic and social impact research for the planning sector, including specialist advise on Health Impact Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessments. Amber has supported a range of clients in the UK to understand how negative social infrastructure impacts can be best mitigated. Amber’s work is informed by her part-time MSc Spatial Planning course at UCL, where she has pursued a specialism in sustainability.

Gavin McLaughlin is currently TfL Spatial Planning’s lead officer for new developments in Camden, Islington, Hackney and the City of London. He is also responsible for updating TfL’s Transport Assessment guidance to support the new London Plan, MTS and Healthy Streets Approach. He has addressed international academic conferences on the subject of urban regeneration and collaborated successfully with a range of public and private sector stakeholders in previous research and practitioner roles.

James Pargeter is Projects Director in the development and construction team at Greystar in London, with a focus on the delivery of new Build to Rent / 'multifamily' rental communities in the UK.  He also leads on much of Greystar’s political and stakeholder engagement in the UK, and is a regular contributor to policy and research working groups.  


This event is part of the Making Wellbeing exhibtion and event series.