We Made 2012 - Temporary structures and Demountability

© Agnese Sanvito


Temporary venues are essential to the modern Games but provide a different set of problems for planning, design, construction and demountability. How successful was the London strategy and what lessons are there for other cities? How do you predict the future life of a venue and is it a better strategy to redeploy or to recycle? Featuring the Aquatics Centre, Water Polo Arena, Shooting Venue at the Royal Artillery Barracks and Soundform.

Speakers include:

David Morley, David Morley Architects
Emmanuelle Danisi, Arup
Jeff Burke, ES Global
Jason Flanagan, Flanagan Lawrence
Kevin Owens(chairing)

This is part of a series of talks to accompany the We Made 2012 exhibition which looks at the learning and business legacy of The 2012 Games.

David Morley, Water Polo Venue from The Building Centre on Vimeo.

Jeff Burke, ES Global from The Building Centre on Vimeo.

Jason Flanagan, Soundforms from The Building Centre on Vimeo.