Universities: Closed estates or integrated campuses?


Universities UK’s most recent figures show that London universities contribute at least £5.8bn a year to the UK economy. Given the importance of this sector, what is the future for higher education estates across London and how are they maximising their space in terms of use, energy efficiency and providing value for money in this highly competitive sector?

With the rise of the knowledge economy’s importance to the London and UK economy, are London universities making enough space for collaboration with business to maintain and grow London and the UK’s global reputation?

This half-day conference will hear from major London university representatives and their consultants on key issues around the maintenance and maximization of their estates. LSE will speak about the future of the LSE campus including the new Lincoln’s Inn Field competition winner; HawkinsBrown will discuss lessons for London around working more closely with industry, and UCL will discuss expansion plans in both Bloomsbury and Stratford.

Speakers include:

- Julian Robinson, director of estates at LSE 

- Andrew Grainger, director of estates at UCL 

- Oliver Milton, partner at HawkinsBrown

- Stephen Bates, senior partner at Sergison Bates architects LLP

- Kat Hanna, research manager at Centre for London 

- Andrew Fifield, associate at Architecture PLB  

- Philip Watson, design director at Aktins

- Peter Murray, chairman of NLA (Chair)

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