UCL Pigeon Sim and London Data Table


UCL-CASA comes to the Building Centre, showcasing demonstrations of the digital city made physical through exhibits and discussion sessions. This will be based on the London Data Table, in which real-time London livedata is projected onto a table sculpted around the GLA boundary, and Pigeon Sim, which allows users to fly around a virtual London with a flap of their arms and a tilt of their body.

Workshops around these exhibits will delve into how these demonstrations were built, what they show and where the information and data comes from, discover how they can connect with local residents, and discuss how the next generation of CASA tools could benefit users. The demonstrations will run both days, with workshops as follow:

Saturday 12-12.45
Making decisions with real-time simulations
Martin Zaltz Austwick

Saturday 2-2.45
Social Media and London
Steven Gray

Sunday 11-11.45
The London Riots
Hannah Fry

Sunday 1-1.45
Joining geography and the virtual world
Rob Levy

Free to attend.
Please email events for more information.