Trees in hard landscapes

Delivery solutions for success


They are at their most needed – and yet our city trees are now greatly threatened. New approaches to below-ground planning are vital if we are to build healthier cities. This workshop will set out how planners, architects, and engineers can overcome the threats to the urban forest from congested underground space.

Trees are increasingly seen as a vital tool in managing rainwater runoff, improving air quality and modifying temperatures, along with generally enhancing the conditions of urban spaces. However, tree health is increasingly challenged by the contested space below the pavement. So how do we plan for tree growth when the underground space in our cities is so under pressure? There is a need for better integration of below-ground planning, design and delivery to include trees (green) as well as grey and blue infrastructure. To achieve this, making the most of both subterranean solutions and the delivery framework provided by the planning system are key – and yet complex. This workshop sets out to provide a full briefing.

The session will bring together built environment experts and arboriculturists to examine how we can turn visions of a tree-rich city landscape into reality. This is an essential half-day workshop for planners, architects, architectural technicians, landscape architects, engineers and developers. It will help delegates establish robust below-ground technical solutions to support a rich vision for above-ground change. Attendees will take away practical information to implement in their everyday work.

Chair: Sue Illman, Director Illman-Young and Past President Landscape Institute


–      Jeremy Barrell, Managing Director of Barrell Consulting

–      Anne Jaluzot, Green infrastructure planning consultant, lead author of Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery (2014)

–      Martin Gammie, Founding Director of Consulting with Trees

–      David Finch, Senior Associate of Grant Associates

Cost per person: £135 + VAT

This is the second seminar in a two-part cross-disciplinary exploration of the latest research, technical solutions and project examples on the contemporary use of trees in streets and the wider public realm. It draws from the content of the Trees and Design Action Group latest publication: Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery (2014, 160pp) - available at: The first event can be reviewed here.

Please note that registration will start from 1.30pm and the seminar will begin at 2.00pm.




This event is endorsed by the Chartered Institution for Highways and Transportation for CPD and sponsored by GreenBlue Urban.