Time to build on the green belt?


This debate addresses one of the most fraught planning issues today: the future of the Green Belt.

From 'eco-towns' to redeveloped brownfield sites, are the UK government's plans really able to address the chronic housing shortage? Or are the environmental concerns influencing housing policy actually inhibiting development and construction? Do we need to rethink our priorities? If so, should we unbuckle the Green Belt and let the developers build? Or is 'concreting over the countryside' too high a price to pay?

Speakers: writer and broadcaster Dr Tristram Hunt, Paul Miner of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, architecture writer and editor of Prospect Penny Lewis, urban developer Michael Owens and Times columnist Mick Hume (Chair)

This seminar is produced by spiked in association with Clarke Mulder Purdie.

Tickets: £10 individual rate; £30 corporate/individual rate. Booking is essential. To book online visit: