Thermal Comfort

Cost-Effective Solutions for the Priority Schools Building Programme




To coincide with the next release of funding for the Priority Schools Building Programme, Armstrong Ceilings, Breathing Buildings, BASF and Phase Energy Limited invite you to meet experts in the design of cooling and ventilation strategies to meet the new Output Specification and regulations.

By attending the event participants will:

· Understand the new regulations and Facilities Output Specification and the key design elements that have to be considered.

· Gain a better understanding of phase change materials (PCMs) and how they work to provide lightweight thermal mass in combination with night time ventilation.

· Be able to quantify the performance and economic benefits of adopting PCM’s and a controlled natural ventilation strategy.

· Hear examples and case studies of successful design and installation of natural ventilation and lightweight thermal mass using PCMs.


18.00 Arrival and registration

Hattie Hartman – Architects Journal · Welcome and introductions

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald – Breathing Buildings

· Overview of Output Specification

· Explanation of operative and radiant temperature

· Introduction to thermal mass

Ian Biggin – Phase Energy Limited

· Overview of PCMs

· Explanation of thermal storage and different types of thermal mass

· Examples/case studies

Jeremy Sumeray – Armstrong Ceilings

· Use of PCMs in ceiling products

· Examples / case studies

· Cost and payback, whole life costs

Alan Jones – EDSL

· Tas - dynamic simulations of lightweight construction and phase change materials for schools projects

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald – Breathing Buildings

· Bringing it all together. Event summary

· Panel discussion and close

20.00 Drinks and refreshments in the Main Gallery

Please note that this event is free to attend but booking is essential.

This is event is organised and curated by Armstrong.


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