The science & economics of wellbeing in the built environment


This Feeling Good Foundation seminar focuses on user profiles and experience, the latest information on EU wide research and development on human perception of materials and a net wellbeing value.

The role that buildings play in affecting human and organisational performance is the current headline issue of the sustainability agenda. This is an area that investors, business owners, managers, employees and customers will be focusing on for years to come. The wellbeing agenda impacts everyone.

During this seminar you will gain valuable knowledge, learn how to apply it in your work and hear about experiences and academic research that will strengthen your contributions to clients and design teams. Each talk is followed by a constructive Q&A session where the audience and speakers can debate ideas and share their experiences.



17.00 – 17.30 Welcome and registration 

17.40   Katie Livesey of BRE and Feeling Good Foundation Committee Member - Wood products: human perception, wooden spaces and surfaces. The haptic effects of wood observed through the European Timber research project currently under way.

18.10 Kelly Watson, PhD researcher School of Environment & Development, University of Manchester - Kelly has undertaken a study of the nef SROI principle within non-clinical healthcare spaces with rich results and insights. Preliminary findings from her occupancy assessment of a non-clinical healthcare space will be shared in detail.

18.40   Break with drinks and nibbles

19.00   Claudia Ehmke, Product Design at FutureGov - Claudia will go through user profiles and user experience.To ensure a design meets occupant and user needs, in order to achieve comfort and wellbeing, we need to know who they are.

19.30   Richard Lupo of Sustainable Homes Ltd will give a  presentation outlining a wellbeing accounting methodology for the built environment with the result of a net wellbeing value. 

20.00  Closing remarks and networking drinks

Chair: Elina Grigoriou, Grigoriou Interiors & Feeling Good Foundation Comittee Member


Venue: GL Hearn, 280 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EE

Tickets: £25, Students £5

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Supporters: Event kindly supported by GL Hearn, a Feeling Good Foundation Founding Partner & with WoodWisdom-Net funds from the EU-wide project Wood2NEW.