The Feed-in Tariff: <em>what&acute;s in it for you?</em>


The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for renewable electricity has been announced by the UK government. From April 1, 2010, the FiT will now allow home owners to receive up to 41 pence per unit of generated electricity. This seminar explains the tariff in detail for those who wish to invest in renewable energy systems.

Put simply, the FiT is the rate that your electricity supplier must pay you for generating electricity from a renewable source. This is paid according to whether you use the electricity yourself or you export it to the national grid. Feed-in Tariffs have had an enormous impact in other European countries such as Germany and France where they now have significant deployment of small scale renewable energy sources, and they are set to do the same in the UK.

Presented by Ray Noble and Stuart Pocock of the Renewable Energy Association, this seminar will provide clear guidance on this legislation, relating what´s in and what´s out in energy sourcing.

Who should attend?
Developers, architects, engineers, building surveyors, facilities managers, energy managers, renewable energy investors.

What attendees will learn

  • Background on the Feed-in Tariff
  • Overview of the UK scheme
  • Eligibility and tariff levels for various installations
  • Practical examples and calculations for a variety of PV applications

Booking is essential; limited space available

Cost: £145 + VAT (includes refreshments)

For a detailed introduction to PV applications in buildings, see also Half-day Workshop: Building-Integrated Photovoltaics On 08 March 2010

The Seminar and workshop are produced by the Renewable Energy Association and The Building Centre.

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