The Essence of Engineering

Michel Virlogeux & Foster + Partners, Photography by Ben Johnson


What is the Essence of Engineering? Foster and Partners Millau Viaduct perhaps? Or Gustav Eiffel’s tower? The Large Hadron Collider?

Following an open call for submissions by The Architects’ Journal and Price & Myers The Building Centre will host an exhibition of the successful entries. Expect to see everything from space exploration to historic structures to the latest advances in medical technology.

"We first conceived of this exercise in the hope of provoking thought and debate on the subject of engineering as seen by our collaborators, colleagues and peers, and by interesting individuals elsewhere in the wider world of ‘making things’. The result is an opportunity to show off a selection of images of the seminal moments in engineering, and some thoughts as to what constitutes the Essence of Engineering." Andy Toohey, Price & Myers.

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