The Engineering Club - Steve Bennett, Starchaser


Britain’s foremost rocket engineer, Steve Bennett, will be joining us for the grand summer soiree of the Engineering Club series at The Building Centre.

Steve Bennett built and launched the first privately built rocket in the world capable of carrying people into space. He was first inspired by space travel as a boy, watching NASA’s Apollo moon landings, and in 1992 founded Starchaser Industries Commercial Space Access. Since then, he has made a name for himself and his company by specialising in the development, operation and commercialisation of space related products and services. Starchaser’s near term objectives are the creation of a 3 person reusable space capsule which will be used for sub-orbital flights in excess of 100km and a vertically launched 8 seat sub-orbital space plane that could be upgradeable for orbital applications. Starchaser is currently developing 120 acres of land in Southern New Mexico with a view to establishing a $100 million space visitor centre. They expect to commence regular space tourism flights by 2010.

Steve will discuss the creation of his Starchaser rockets, liquid rocket engines, sounding rockets, and the development of Starchaser’s space tourism programme.