The Engineering Club - Polymer Nanocomposites: From Lab to Applications


Speaker: Dr. Emiliano Bilotti, Queen Mary University of London

Polymer nanocomposites have attracted a great deal of interest both in academic and industrial environments in recent years.

The physical properties of common plastics can be substantially enhanced when minute amounts of nano-fillers are added. This is principally due to the superior properties of nano-particles(e.g. high mechanical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, barrier properties, etc.), when compared to traditional fillers, as well as features like high surface area-to-volume ratio and high aspect ratio. Among the most studied nano-fillers are carbon nanotubes (CNT). CNT are nanometric tubes, commonly 3-10 nm in diameter and few microns length (few mm long CNT have also been reported), which walls are constituted by a single layer of carbon atoms only, bonded together in a hexagonal fashion.

A number of different potential applications of nanoparticles in polymers will be presented within this talk, including smart textiles, sensors, self-regulating heating compounds and energy harvesting.

Free to attend. Booking essential.