The Engineering Club: Cooling the Tube


Speaker: Kevin Payne, Programme Director Cooling the Tube Programme, Transport for London

Over 100 years of running electric trains in the LU network has caused temperatures to rise, especially on the deep-level lines. Heat is generated through the distribution and transmission of electricity, and the motion and operation of the trains - including acceleration and braking. Heat has been absorbed into the earth and clay surrounding the tunnel walls to create the higher temperatures of today.

The Cooling the Tube programme is focused on removing or reducing heat, relocating heat sources and where possible provide cooling solutions to keep customers within safe and comfortable conditions.

The talk will present the technologies and innovations which LU are proposing to adopt, followed by open discussion.

Core Supporters: Adams Kara Taylor, Arup, Atelier Ten, Buro Happold, Conisbee, Elliott Wood, Engineers HRW, Expedition, Jane Wernick Associates, Max Fordham LLP, Michael Barclay Partnership, Michael Hadi Associates, Price & Myers, Ramboll Whitbybird and Techniker.

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