The air we breathe

An exploration of how radical materials and building techniques can combat pollution


Encounter the new thinking and new materials that can tackle air pollution in this evening discussion.

The event will zoom into two strata of our atmosphere: the troposphere (smog) and stratosphere (greenhouse gases). It will look at the contents of our air, its invisibility dilemma, and the structures that are formalised to interact with it. And we will hear how to plan and engineer the change from a polluted environment.

Ground-breaking technologies will be presented such as a natural material coating that absorbs carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

The technologies, processes, management and consumer pressure that can play a part in improving air quality will be explained.

Speakers include:

- Charles Haswell, consultant at The Graphene Company

- Christopher McCarthy, director of Battle McCarthy

- Bill Watts, senior partner at Max Fordham

- Chair: Lewis Blackwell, curator of SuperMaterial

Please note that this event is free to attend but booking is essential. 

If you prefer to book via Eventbrite you can do so using this link.

This talk is part of the SuperMaterial event series, curated by The Built Environment Trust. The event programme is kindly supported by Trimo.