Surface Tonality and Patination


Today we can choose to be extrovert colourists or cool purists when it comes to selecting the tonality of concrete. The problem associated with pigmented concrete is that it succumbs to fading and a patchy uneven surface colour, the concern with grey concrete is it blandness and lack of vibrancy. How can we master both of these options?

Speakers: Jochen Glemsarb of David Chipperfield Architects on Villaverde, Madrid and The City of Justice, Barcelona.

These projects emphasize the effect of using coloured concrete, the different approaches taken and the method of manufacture. The housing project in Villaverde in Madrid and the collection of large buildings under construction for the City of Justice in Barcelona shows how concrete colour was specified for GRC cladding panels and the coloured in situ facades of the Law Courts.

Nick Lee of Greenway and Lee Architects will describe the architecture of Spedant Works, Park Royal and the contrasting depths of grey tonality achieved with the same concrete mix by the effect of board marking, by power trowelling the floors, and smooth birch ply for the soffits of the suspended slabs.