Stories of solidarity and resilience


Stories of Solidarity and Resilience is an evening of films and discussions, with the opportunity to meet indigenous community leaders from some of the most contested regions of the globe.

Land-grabbing, enforced eviction and human rights violations are some of the most pressing problems faced by indigenous communities. Sidelined and often underrepresented or misreported; Indigenous Maasai, Comcaac, Yaqui and Naga collectives in Tanzania, Mexico and India use participatory video to engage and mobilise their communities.

Hear directly from representatives of these communities, see their films, and learn how they use participatory video to reach decision makers to effect social justice and achieve positive change. Discuss how using participatory video has enabled them to build consensus and support decision-making that better reflects community priorities, outside of the constraints and pre-suppositions of institutions of power.  

The challenges these communities face resonate with universal issues in the current global crisis: loss of commons, right to resources, pollution and human rights. Insights from the evening film screenings can teach us how these inspiring leaders work with the whole community, creating consensus and unity, an environment for collaboration and innovation.

Evening schedule:

6pm: Opening ceremony by Kurikindi, Kichwa Shaman, Amazonian Ecuador.

7-9pm: Reception, presentations, film screenings, Q&A and networking.


Speakers include:

 Seno Tsuhah, project leader of North East Network, Chizami, Nagaland.

 Samwel Nangiria, Maasai activist and director of NGO-Net, Loliondo, Tanzania.

 Anabela Jeka Flores, Yacqui (Yoeme) community leader, lawyer, activist, Loma de Bacum, Sonora, Mexico.

 Romelia Barnett, Seri (Comcaac) community leader, videographer, Punto Chueca, Sonora, Mexico.

The evening will be moderated by award-winning writer, broadcaster and film-maker Angela Robson.

Refreshments will be generously provided by The Gentlemen Baristas.


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This event is brought to you by InsightShare and is supported by The Built Environment Trust and The Gentlemen Baristas. 

All proceeds from this event will contribute to future projects undertaken by InsightShare Network partners.