Store Street No 7


Recorded at The Building Centre on Monday 16 April 2007

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Store Street No 7 featured 2 of the UK’s best known architects, both of whom are known for their work in Japan and for their prominence in academia. Kathryn Findlay returned to the UK from Japan five years ago and has continued to produce extraordinarily original and challenging designs for houses, bath-houses and small public buildings. Nigel Coates, after many years of exotic architecture, has transferred the bulk of his design activities to the Royal College of Art where he is the Professor of Architecture. He continues to practice as Branson Coates Architects and also enjoys considerable respect as a critic and cultural commentator; his RCA exhibit 'BabyLon:don' at the last Venice Biennale being particularly well received.

Together with Peter Cook, who has known them both since the 1970s, they discussed issues of form, building, Japan, naughty architecture and everything in between.