Store Street No 6 - Two Twosomes Win Twice


Laura Allen and Mark Smout Nanette Jakowski and Ricardo de Ostos

STORE STREET No 6 celebrates a double-double for two London based couples. In 2005 the Bovis Prize at the Royal academy was won by Laura Allen and Mark Smout for models of a project concerning the disappearing coastline of Norfolk. This formed a small part of their winning submission ‘RESTLESS ARCHITECTURE’ to the international competition to have an issue of Pamphlet Architecture (Princeton Architectural Press) devoted to their work. Founded 20 years ago by Stephen Holl, these small books have launched such names as Lebbeus Woods and Neil Denari. It will go to press this month.

Meanwhile, a similar international competition was being held by the Research Institute for Experimental Architecture in New York, for publication by Springer Verlag. This was won by Nanette Jakowski and Ricardo de Ostos with their ‘HANGING CEMETERY OF BAGHDAD’ it has also gone to press. Now the 2007-8 Pamphlet Architecture has just been won – by Nanette and Ricardo!

At Store Street, Peter Cook gets people to talk and happens to know these four since Laura and Mark graduated from the Bartlett Diploma School – and teach there and Nanette and Ricardo met on the Bartlett Masters’ Course.