Store Street No 17


Store Street: Sir Peter Cook presents....'
Celebrating the Drawing'

A 'studio' evening in which Peter Cook will welcome several London-based architects who use drawing as the basis of architecture that contains radical ideas. It forms the basis of his new book 'DRAWING - the motive force of architecture' published by Wiley and being launched as part of the event.

Bovis Prize winners C.J Lim (2005), Laura Allen and Mark Smout (2006), Christine Hawley, Marcos Cruz, Marjan Colletti, Nanette Jankowski and Ricardo de Ostos - all have exhibited frequently in the Summer Shows at the Royal Academy. Some of them are essentially involved in digital investigations, some make constructions, some make traditional 'hand' drawings. They will be bringing some of the actual works that appear in the book and talking about making them. Peter Cook will also bring a drawing!!

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