Staircases: The art of structure


Critical to any design project is the staircase, where to place it, the lay-out and the look – the right staircase can define a project, but all too often we see design compromise critical factors and breach regulation and lead to real safety issues. The British Woodworking Federation Stair Scheme shines a light on the staircase, where design and performance can collide.

This lively evening workshop starts by identifying common mistakes. Drawing from an image library assembled from leading design magazines and websites our expert will deconstruct these staircases and identify issues with compliance and safety – where form has won the day over function - and at times common sense. We will then go on to look at the five essential steps to ensure that you get your staircase design right every time.

Dr Luke Whale of C4Ci, will follow-on by looking into performance, based on work he has done to calculate the structural requirements of the humble staircase- just how complex can this be? You will be surprised.

The seminar will finish with a talk by our special guest looking at the future of staircase design.