Spaces of Democracy: How do we design for debate and participation?


MoA’s thematic programming on Architecture and Citizenship explores the relationship between politics and the built environment with the aim of helping architects become active agents of social change.

​The Palace of Westminster is currently undergoing a significant Restoration and Renewal programme that aims to preserve the building for the future, while also making the Parliament more accessible for all. Can architects and designers contribute to make the Parliament more open? What are the spaces of democracy? How do we design for participation, political and civic engagement? Starting from the current debates around Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal programme, this talk will aim to understand what is the role of preserving traditional spaces of democratic representation, while also structuring a more open and direct engagement with political processes in society.

Speakers include:

- Susanna Lumsden, accommodation manager at House of Commons  (chair)

- Prof. Matthew Flinders, University of Sheffield

- Dr. Henrik Schoenefeldt, senior lecturer at University of Kent

- David Mulder van der Vegt, partner at XML 

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Location: Future Cities Catapult