Space standards: How small are people willing to go?


Are space standards limiting the diversity of housing stock available to Londoners or are they essential in ensuring ‘rabbit-hutch’ homes do not prevail?

The diversity of London’s housing stock must respond to the diversity of the Londoners it aims to serve. But are we building homes at the right shapes and sizes or are we bound by policies that don’t reflect the flexibility of those who live here?  

NLA brings together a panel of housing experts to debate the future of London’s space standards and discuss new and old housing typologies that really serve the needs of Londoners.

This event is a part of NLA’s year-long Housing programme, covering key issues such as affordable housing, public sector land, the private rented sector, off-site manufacture, the appropriate densification of housing and how we enable small developers and custom builders. Please click here for more details. 

Speakers include:

- Alex Ely, Principal, Mæ
- Rachel Bagel, Founder, Naked House 
- Martin Scholar, Head of Planning, Barratt London 

Further speakers to be announced... 

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(Registration from 8.00 am)