Spider silk violin and silk-wood guitar recital

Award-winning violinist and the only British violinist to have been invited to play on Paganini’s violin il Cannone more than once, Peter Sheppard Skærved will be playing a spider silk violin and a Stradivarius during this one-off session.

The spider silk violin is a prototype created by Luca Alessandrini, designer and founder of Fibreacoustics. Alessandrini experimented with a patented technology to customise the acoustic properties of a material. He created two violins using silk - a natural material with high acoustic performance properties. One of the violins consists of three Australian Golden orb-weaver spider silk strands. The spider silk is five times stronger than steel and extremely elastic. When tested the violin revealed a notable improvement in sound quality. 

The remarkable strength and acoustic properties of silk continue to be explored in Alessandrini’s research. He will also be bringing his new hybrid silk-wood acoustic guitar prototype which will also be played by a guest guitarist. This guitar was recently presented at the House of Commons with London Higher this week. 

This event is part of the Night Time Is The Right Time programme which highlights the importance of successful night-time spaces for work and play. Alessandrini’s research into new super-acoustic materials has immediate possibilities for the built environment - acoustic panels are already in development. There will also be a chance to view the Night Time Is The Right Time exhibition.

Please note that this event is free to attend but booking is essential.