SBID launches The Sustainability Programme


The Society is pleased to announce the launch of The Sustainability Programme at a conference held at the Building Centre in Store Street London W1 on 28 January with a VIP Breakfast for Members and VIP Guests.

Nick Thomson, chairman of SBID sustainability board will lead the conference with ‘the big idea’ Tom Vecchione, principal of Gensler the worlds largest architectural and design company will provide an insight on commercial property planning and sustainable refurbishment. Jon Mussett of BRE the UKs leading building research organisation will explain the science behind and outline the research of the joint initiative between BRE & SBID and John Alker of UK Green Building Council the industries sustainability membership organisation will provide an industry view.

‘The key differential that sets The Society of British Interior Design (SBID) apart is standards’ says Vanessa Brady, Chairman. ‘We have adopted the European standards of the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) the measure of professional ability, knowledge and ethics throughout the EU. Our application was considered and accepted in September 2009 immediately bringing Britain for the first time in line with Europe’. The Society is already the fastest growing organisation for Interior Design in Britain and with the professional members qualified to the EU standardised qualification, it has in a single step also quickly established the largest professional membership base.

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