Redefining Zero: Carbon Profiling

RICS is launching 'Redefining Zero: Carbon Profiling' a solution to whole life carbon measurement, as originally developed by Sturgis Associates. “This critical development makes it possible to assess the carbon used to both make and use a building at the same time. This change will make policy-makers and industry alike re-think the value of existing building stock, expose the long-term carbon costs of many low carbon devices and alter how we see energy usage in the built environment.” – RICS.

Join RICS and Sturgis Associates at the Building Centre for a the launch of this publication and a glass of wine. This is a free to attend event but booking is essential.

To book your place at the RICS launch and reception:

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If you would like to come to the RICS reception only (5.30pm - 7.30pm) please click here to book your place. If you have any problems or queries please email or call 0207 580 0623.